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20ton Double Girder Overhead Crane for Our Customer in Uzbekistan

It is good news for us that the AQ-LH 20 ton double girder hoist overhead crane has been installed completely in the workshop for one of our customers in Uzbekistan, and now the test and commissioning has been finished, the crane works reliably and stably in the workshop and our customer is very satisfied with our overhead crane quality and our professional service.

LH hoist overhead crane
AQ-LH Hoist Overhead Crane

As a professional crane supplier, we design and produce various overhead cranes, including single girder crane, double girder crane, top running overhead crane, underhung crane, foundry crane, explosion proof overhead crane, magnetic overhead crane and so on.

Our overhead cranes feature reasonable design, competitive price, excellent work performance, stable and durable operation etc. If you are looking for an overhead crane for your facility, please don’t hesitate to tell us your requirements, and we will offer you the suitable crane solution to greatly improve your work efficiency.

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