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Overhead Crane and Hoist Installation for Our Client

One of our clients from Uzbekistan ordered one LH 20 ton overhead crane and one LD 2 ton crane with chain hoist from our company, and the installation of the overhead crane and the hoist has been finished for the client.

The cranes work very reliably and efficiently and our client has been very satisfied with our crane and hoist solutions, and we both sides are looking forward to the further cooperation.

LH20T overhead crane
LH20T overhead crane

As an experienced and professional crane manufacturer, we provide wide range of crane and hoist solutions to meet different work needs. If you are looking for an overhead crane or other lifting equipment now, just contact us and you will get the suitable and right product from our company.

For more details on the crane products, just contact us without hesitation, and we will reply you very soon.

LD2T overhead crane with chain hoist
LD2T overhead crane with chain hoist

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