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Benefits of Crane Maintenance

Crane belongs to large-scale mechanical equipment, which has heavy tasks during operation, and easily causes wear of mechanical transmission system, so it requires operators to check it before use, and maintain it after use. It is necessary to maintain the crane. The purpose of this is to improve the service life of the crane and ensure the safety of the operator. Therefore, the maintenance of the crane can not only improve the working efficiency, but also prevent accidents.

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What Are the Benefits of Doing Crane Maintenance?

  1. It can make the crane often have good technical performance, make each mechanism of the crane work normally and reliably, improve its intact rate, utilization rate and other management indicators, and make the crane in good working condition for a long time.
  2. It can ensure that the crane has good performance, strengthen the protection of structural parts, keep the connection firm, the action and function of electro-hydraulic components normal, avoid abnormal vibration due to mechanical and electrical factors, and meet the normal use requirements of the crane.
  3. Ensure the safe use of the crane. No matter before use, during use or after use, it must comply with its use specifications, so as to better ensure safety. If the equipment is not used in accordance with the operation specifications, resulting in safety accidents, it is not worth the loss. Both customers and businesses are reluctant to see such incidents happen.

Extend the service life of crane more effectively. Some crane manufacturers do not pay enough attention to this aspect, and there is no special person for inspection and maintenance. Only when the crane breaks down can we find the technical personnel of the crane manufacturer to repair it. This will not only affect the working efficiency, but also greatly shorten the life of the crane. Through the maintenance of the crane, the repair interval of the crane or mechanism, including the overhaul period, can be effectively extended, so as to extend the service life of the crane.

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