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Types of Double Girder Overhead Cranes

AQ-QD model overhead crane with hook is mainly used in inside workshop. It is divided into two working classes: A5 and A6 according to the use grade and load-up condition. There are three kinds of method for entering the platform of cab: from the side, from the end and from the top. The cab can be either fixed at the left end or at the right end. Safe slide wire or angle iron can be used for electric conduction of the crane, and it can be either at the opposite side of the cab or at the same-side of the cab.

QD32T double girder crane
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The explosion-proof performance of all electrical machines and electric appliances of AQ-QB model explosion-proof overhead crane with hook conforms to the prescriptions of GB3836.2-2000 Explosion-proof electrical Apparatus for Explosive Atmosphere Part Two: Flameproof Type; the performance of complete machine conforms to the prescription of JB/T5897-2006 Explosion-proof Bridge Crane. The crane is qualified inspected by inspection unit of blast-proof product which is appointed by the state. The crane has got Certification of Conformity of An Instrument for Explosive Atmosphere. The signs of explosion-proof are ExdIIBT4 and ExdIICT4 respectively.

The product is applicable to the place in the factory where the capability of transmitting-explosive is no higher than grade IIB or IIC, and where has mixture of detonating gas which is composed of flammable gas or steam whose ignition temperature team belongs to T1-T4 team, and air. The applicable danger area is Area 1 or Area 2 (see GB3836.1-2000). The working class is middle.

QB 50 ton overhead crane
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The electromagnetic overhead crane with carrier-beam has the knock-down electromagnetic disk, it is especially applicable to transmit the black-metallic products and materials of magneto-conductivity, such as steel ingot, profiled bar and pig iron block, etc. The crane is widely used in steel rolling lines of steel company storage shipyard and workshop etc. The lifting capacity of the crane include the weight of the carrier-beam, but the total weight doesn’t include the weight of the carrier-beam.

QC elctromagnetic overhead crane
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AQ-QZ overhead crane with grab is widely used in loading goods in port, factory, workshop and power plant, etc. The work classification is heavy, the group classification of the crane is A6, and the direction of platform door to the driver’s cap is: side, end and top. The lifting capacity includes the weight of the grab. The open direction of the grab can be paralleling with the beam or plumbing with the beam as required.

Casting crane is the main equipment of steelmaking and continuous casting process. The casting crane is mainly used for lifting and transporting liquid steel ladle. Overall structure can be divided into: double girder double-track, four beams and four-track, four-beam rail and other types. The first two are generally used for large tonnage crane, and the third is generally used for large tonnage of foundry crane. The casting cranes of our company has the following features: with advance technology, novel structure, safe and reliable, economical and durable, and with easy maintenance. In addition, our casting cranes offer the following options to be selected: rotary spreader, the gantry hook from the variable and load weighing and display.

YZ125 ton foundry crane
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European series overhead crane with hook is a new generation crane, it has the following advantages:

  1. Light dead weight, light wheel load, small boundary dimensions, dependable performance, easy operation.
  2. Light wheel load and small boundary dimension can reduce the cost of plant construction, save capital investment of lighting, heating and so on.
  3. Using high-quality components can reduce failure and maintenance costs. Lowing consumption of total power can reduce the costs, it has remarkable energy-saving effect.

European standard overhead crane
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AQ-QY model insulating overhead crane with hook is applicable to workshop where smelting electrolytic nonferrous metal material, such as electrolytic magnesium. The crane is composed of box bridge, running gear of crane, trolley and electrical device. Several insulating apparatus are mounted at proper parts of the crane to prevent the electric current of the energized equipment transmitting to the crane through the lifting hook during operation, which will endanger the driver’s life and the safety of the equipment. The crane is heavy-duty, dual actuator is equipped with the main mechanism for the purpose of safe hoisting. All mechanisms shall be operated in the cab.

AQ-LH model electric hoist overhead crane has such features as tight dimensions, low building headroom, light dead weight and light wheel load, the crane is widely used in mechanic processing workshop, subsidiary workshop of metallurgical mills, warehouse, goods yard and power station to transfer, assembly, check and repair as well as load and unload heavy materials. They can also be used instead of common double girder overhead cranes at production workshop in light textile or food industry. It has two kinds of classification that is light and medium. The working ambient temperature is generally -25℃-40℃. It is forbidden to work in environment with combustible, explosive or corrosive media.

LH20T overhead crane
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Garbage grab overhead crane is the key device used in the garbage feed system of different kinds of garbage-cremation power plant in modern city. It is located at the top of garbage storing pit, and is mainly used for operation of feeding, conveying, mixing, fetching and weighing of the garbage. The garbage grab crane manufactured by our company can implement lifting and conveying strictly to ensure normal work of garbage-cremation power plant. This crane can be controlled by hand, semi-automatically or automatically.

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