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Tips of Operating Overhead Crane Equipment

  1. Owner of the overhead crane needs to ensure that the equipment is texted by authorized examiner. In the meanwhile, the machine should be tested thoroughly in order that the machine can be operated and used normally. What’s more, the operator should be trained professionally so that the service time of the lifting equipment can be prolonged.
  2. Lifting supervisor needs to co-ordinate all lifting activities. Co-ordination can be achieved through the proper briefing of the lifting plan to all relevant personnel such as the lifting team and co-workers affected by the lifting operations.
  3. The crane operators are required to be trained and deemed competent in the operation of the crane. In the meanwhile, the crane operator and lifting supervisor should cooperate with each other well.
  4. Before the formal working of the crane, please check the crane so that the crane machine can be worked normally and avoid some unnecessary accidents.
  5. Check the whether the crane hoists is in proper working condition and all the motion indicators on the pendant control correspond with control device marking. Always familiarize yourself with the controls as pendant controls can differ from one another.
  6. Please ensure all hoist limit switches, travel limited switches and indicating devices are in good working condition.
  7. Please make sure that the hook block is in good working condition. There should be no illegal modification to the hook.
  8. Please visually check the operating environment to make sure that there is no obstacles to affect the safe use of the overhead crane.
  9. The cranes in our company are equipped with the safety device in order that the crane can finish the lifting task normally. If there are improper things, the machine will give warn to the operator.

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