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Safety Device of European Overhead Crane

1. The main and auxiliary hoisting mechanisms of the crane are equipped with overload limiters. When the load reaches 90% of the rated lifting capacity, the prompt alarm signal will be sent out; when the lifting capacity exceeds 105% of the rated lifting capacity (adjustable); when the lifting capacity exceeds 110% of the rated lifting capacity, the lifting power supply will be automatically cut off immediately and the prohibitive alarm signal will be sent out. There is a real-time lifting weight digital display in the crane operation room.

2. According to the safety regulations of crane machinery, all exposed rotating parts with danger of personal injury shall be equipped with protective cover and wire rope anti jump device. The form of protective cover is detachable safety protective cover.

3. The platform, walkway and escalator shall be designed and manufactured in accordance with national safety regulations and standards, and shall be set up to facilitate the maintenance and inspection of operators. The ladder steps, outdoor platforms and walking platforms shall be anti-skid. The width of walking platform, platform and ladder shall not be less than 500mm. The walking platform shall be made of checkered steel plate.

4. The crane is equipped with lifting height limiter and running travel limiter, which can realize the safety protection of moving travel and working position through electrical control.

5. The buffer device such as buffer is installed on the crane to buffer the inertia kinetic energy of crane running and braking. At the same time, a stop device is installed at the limit position of each operating mechanism of the crane to prevent the crane from exceeding the limit position. Laser anti-collision device is set between two cranes.

6. The crane is equipped with a rail sweeping device to clean up the sundries on the running track and prevent the crane derailment and other hazards caused by the sundries on the track.

7. The electrical part of the crane is equipped with phase loss protection, phase staggering protection, zero position protection, under-voltageand over-voltage protection, short circuit protection, over-current protection, grounding protection and other electrical protection to ensure that the crane can work stably in a safe state.

NLH20T overhead crane

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Protection and Indication

The crane is equipped with an emergency power-off switch, which can cut off the main power supply of the crane in case of emergency. The switch is set in the power distribution cabinet.

The motor is equipped with a full-featured protection device, which can effectively protect the over-current, short circuit and other faults of the motor.

The crane is equipped with zero protection, and each transmission mechanism of the crane shall be equipped with zero protection. During operation, if the operation is stopped due to fault or voltage loss, and the power supply is restored, the mechanism shall not act by itself. The mechanism can be restarted only after the controller is manually set back to the zero position.

Loss of voltage protection: when the power supply of the crane is interrupted, all electrical equipment related to safety or not suitable for automatic opening shall be in power off state to avoid automatic operation of electrical equipment after power supply is restored.

For the interlock protection of the bin door switch, the door of the upper and lower cranes from the outside of the crane shall be equipped with a door switch. When people get on and off the crane, the main power supply shall be disconnected.

Overload load limiter: the crane is equipped with overload load limiter, when the load reaches 90% of the rated load, the display will automatically alarm; when the load reaches 105% of the rated load, the lifting machine will automatically cut off the power supply of the lifting mechanism.

Lifting limit position protection device: the lifting mechanism of the hook is equipped with a limit device. When it reaches the limit position, the power supply for lifting will be cut off automatically, at this time, it can only be lowered.

Travel limiter: travel limiter is installed on both sides of the crane and trolley running mechanism. The crane adopts cross paddle limiter. When the crane and trolley run to the limit position, the power supply will be cut off automatically, and they can run in the opposite direction.

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