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Introduction of Casting Crane

Crane is a kind of multi action lifting machine which can lift and carry heavy objects vertically and horizontally in a certain range. Also known as crane. It belongs to material handling machinery. The working characteristic of crane is to do intermittent movement, that is to say, the corresponding mechanism of reclaiming, moving and unloading in a working cycle works alternately. The development and use of crane in the market are more and more extensive.

The casting crane is used to lift molten metal. The working environment is characterized by high temperature and high dust. The working level is relatively high, generally at A7, and the high level may reach A8. The reliability requirement of the casting crane is much higher than that of the general bridge crane, because the failure of the casting crane may cause great loss and serious consequences.

The casting crane needs to complete the dumping of molten metal and its waste, so at least one set of main hook and one set of auxiliary hook are needed for the casting crane. Each driving device of the hoisting mechanism shall be equipped with at least two sets of brakes, and the safety factor of each set of brakes shall not be less than 1.25. In the hoisting mechanism with special safety requirements, safety brakes shall be installed on the drum to prevent accidents caused by damage of the driving mechanism.

casting cranes

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The steel wire rope of casting crane shall be high temperature resistant steel core steel wire rope, and the conventional hemp core steel wire rope shall not be used, and the safety factor of steel wire rope shall be higher than that of general bridge crane, which shall meet the requirements of relevant casting crane standards. Necessary safety protection devices shall also be provided at the hook group and lifting beam to prevent the steel splashing on the steel wire rope and the damage of the steel wire rope.

Because the casting crane mainly lifts the molten steel with high temperature, the thermal insulation layer should be added under the main beam to reduce the impact of radiation heat on the main beam. At the same time, the trolley should also be designed with fire-proof plate to prevent the fire from jumping over the trolley when loading and unloading the molten steel and damaging the electrical system and equipment.

Casting crane can be said to be a special equipment in special equipment, so whether it is the user or crane manufacturer, we must strictly implement the national specifications, timely do a good job in equipment maintenance, standardized operation, and ensure safe use.

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