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Overhead Crane Structure

The overhead crane is composed of bridge, trolley with lifting mechanism, crane running mechanism and control room etc.

1. Bridge is the basic component of overhead crane, which consists of main beam, end beam and other parts.

The main beam is straddled over the workshop, its two ends are connected with end beams, and the outside of the main beam is equipped with a walking platform and safety  railings.

The bridge is equipped with crane moving mechanism, electrical box, lifting mechanism, trolley running track and auxiliary sliding wire frame. One end of the bridge is equipped with the cab, and the other end is equipped with the main slide wire leading into the power supply.

2. The crane moving mechanism is composed of driving motor, brake, transmission shaft, reducer and wheel.

There are two driving modes: centralized driving and separate driving. Most of our overhead cranes adopt separate driving mode, which has the advantages of light weight, convenient installation and maintenance. The whole crane moves forward and backward along the length direction of the workshop driven by the crane moving mechanism. The trolley running mechanism is composed of trolley frame, trolley moving mechanism and lifting mechanism.

3. The trolley frame is welded with steel plate, and is equipped with trolley moving mechanism, lifting mechanism, handrail and lifting limit switch.

The trolley can move left and right along the track on the main beam of the bridge. Buffer and limit switch are installed at both ends of the trolley moving direction. The trolley moving mechanism is composed of motor, reducer, drum, brake, etc. The motor drives the driving wheel to make the car move after decelerating.

The hoisting mechanism is composed of motor, reducer, drum, brake, etc. the hoisting motor is connected with the reducer through the brake wheel and coupling, and the output shaft of the reducer is connected with the hoisting drum.

4. The control room is the pod for crane operation, also known as the cab. In the control room, there are moving mechanism control devices, lifting mechanism control devices and crane protection devices. The control room is generally fixed at one end of the main beam, and a few are installed under the trolley to move with the trolley. There is a hatch leading to the walking platform above the control room, which is used for the personnel to get on and off when repairing the mechanical and electrical equipment of the cart and trolley.

5. Trolley conductive device (auxiliary slide wire).

6. Crane main power conductive device (main slide wire).

7. AC magnetic control box, resistance box.

8. Track.

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