Preventive Measures for Hoisting Accidents

  1. When transporting objects to the ground at a high altitude, ropes shall be used to tie and hoist them down. During hoisting, it is not allowed to stack or hang sporadic objects on the components. Sporadic materials and objects can only be hoisted and transferred after being bound firmly with cage, steel wire rope and safety rope. Materials, objects and tools shall not be thrown at will to prevent slipping and injuring people or accidents.
  2. The components must be bound firmly, and the lifting point shall pass through the center of gravity of the components. During lifting, it shall be stable to avoid vibration or swing.
  3. When lifting the components, the speed shall not be too fast, and it is not allowed to stay too long at high altitude, and it is not allowed to rise and fall sharply to prevent the components from falling off.
  4. After the components are in place, do not loosen the hook or untie the hoisting rigging before temporary fixing. After the component is fixed, the connection shall be checked for firmness and stability. When the connection is confirmed to be safe and reliable, the temporary fixing tools can be removed and the next lifting can be carried out.
  5. Lifting operation is strictly prohibited in snowy, frosty and rainy days, and sufficient lighting shall be provided for night operation.

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